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Authentically Beautiful Miracle Mist


Can your skin possibly look younger
as you get older? Yes it can!

New skin technology breakthrough turns back the clock! You’ll be amazed what this totally natural invisible mist can do. Just spray it on twice a day and then watch your skin transform. Within two weeks your skin will start looking firmer, more moist, with all those little fine lines seemingly erased away. Your skin will glow naturally, and you will feel like Authentically Beautiful Miracle Mist is actually training your skin to look younger! Guess what? It could be.



We call Miracle Mist our youth in a bottle
Imagine spraying just three quick mists to lift, tone, and firm your skin naturally. For real. What would that be like? You???d start getting compliments about how great you look, how relaxed, how fresh. A little cosmetic surgery perhaps? No way. Just a little cosmetic miracle called Authentically Beautiful Miracle Mist. It???s like an invisible beauty mask you wear all day. And not a soul will know!


Totally invisible and natural.
Authentically Beautiful Miracle Mist is not your usual facial mask. A typical mask you can only use hidden away in your bathroom. It will freshen and tighten your skin alright, but the process is altogether gooey, time-consuming, and frankly a little scary looking. You really don???t want anyone to witness this! And you don’t really want to use these masks too often.

Authentically Beautiful Miracle Mist is not even remotely similar to this! It will have the same effect ??? or even better ??? but you can spray this mask on as you leave the house, and its firming, hydrating, and energizing abilities will begin their magic! No one will know that your revolutionary anti-aging secret lies hidden in your purse within a little spray bottle. No waiting for it to dry, no washing off, no weird colors, smells, no over-drying ??? this has got to be the ideal beauty mask.

Even works over makeup.
You simply mist it on under makeup, over makeup, or anytime you???re feeling a little less than perky. Ta-dah! Back to feeling young, fresh, and ready to take on the world. It???s that energetic!

Lifts, tones, tightens, and hydrates like nothing else. It’s all in the technology!
Authentically Beautiful Miracle Mist. Just call it your number one secret agent in age management. Just call it your anti-gravity mist. Call it whatever you wish, but know that when used daily, its formula lifts, tones, and diminishes the most stubborn of wrinkles and lines. And nothing — I mean nothing — is as easy or effective in doing this as Authentically Beautiful Miracle Mist. It is specifically designed with a revolutionary technology to provide a continuous nourishing formula that enhances the youthful appearance of your skin.

You’ve got to try a bottle! We are so sure of Authentically Beautiful Miracle Mist that if you are not 100% satisfied with your results, we???ll return your money. It???s that simple. It???s that good!



A miracle in the making.
Authentically Beautiful Miracle Mist is a unique breakthrough in skin care technology. Developed over many years of experimentation, Authentically Beautiful Miracle Mist is made by impregnating the energy of special ingredients into water molecules. It works at a deeper, more subtle level to actually retrain the skin to help hold its youthful blueprint. Think what that means.

The skin of a newborn baby is very soft and pliable. As the baby grows up the skin gets firmer, but as an adult, gravity takes over and the skin often sags, wrinkles, thins, and looses its elasticity. The glow and firmness of youth are gone.

Enter the answer.

Authentically Beautiful Miracle Mist.
This miracle mist is specially formulated to also communicate with and actually enhance the energy field, and when sprayed on the skin restores and rejuvenates its outer layer, greatly enhancing the look and feel of youthful skin.

The secret of Authentically Beautiful Miracle Mist’s remarkable effectiveness lies in its technology. It uses a process of introducing its ingredients into structured water at an energetic level. That means that the aloe, MSM, trace minerals, niacin, cayenne pepper, Ho Shou Wu and helichrysumin are active at an energy level, but only slightly enter into the chemical composition. Pretty amazing!

Totally pro-health.
Because Miracle Mist’s base is energized, structured water, it

  • is so safe you could even drink it
  • has no odor
  • is not sticky or oily
  • will not burn or sting
  • will not cause any allergic reactions

This sets it apart from all cosmetic treatments on the market today. You can use it knowing it is totally a pro-health product for your skin. No chemicals, no preservatives, no colors ??? just the most miraculous skin energizer made.



Your skin feels alive and refreshed.
Imagine having skin look younger as you get older. That???s the design. And that???s what you???re choosing when you spray on Authentically Beautiful Miracle Mist. It???s so easy.

Spray over clean skin and massage it in. The heat of this gentle rubbing enhances its effectiveness. The first thing you???ll notice is that your skin feels alive and refreshed. As it dries, your skin takes on a firmer smoother look with no dryness or residue. It will look more moist but without stickiness, shine, or oiliness. That may be all the moisturizer you???ll need. So fast, so easy, so effective! You???re out the door!

Sneak your Miracle Mist into your purse. Anytime during the day that you???re feeling the need to be re-energized, just give yourself a little spray or two. It works even over makeup! Take a deep breath. You???ve instantly uplifted and invigorated youself as well as your skin!

Notice an immediate difference.
Many customers will notice an immediate difference in their skin. Try it yourself and take the Skin Elasticity Test:

  1. Put your hand palm down on a surface.
  2. Pull up a pinch of skin on the back of your hand
  3. Hold it for about 5 seconds
  4. Let it go and watch as the skin flattens to normal
  5. Spray the back of your hand with 3-4 sprays
  6. Rub it in
  7. When it dries, repeat the test and see the difference.

See the cumulative results.
The immediate difference is enough to illustrate that there is a whole new principle in skin care working here. And the best part is that the more Authentically Beautiful Miracle Mist is used, the better the results! We???ve heard our customers saying statements like:

  • ???My friends tell me I look like I???ve had a face lift.”
  • ???My neck and eyes are actually becoming tighter and smoother.”
  • ???I just love the youthful glow it gives me.”
  • ???I feel like I???m looking younger each day.”
  • ???The results are fantastic. I???m always getting compliments.”
  • ???With just one bottle, I can see a huge difference. Younger, smoother, firmer.”
  • ???After 4 months of the Miracle Mist, my once sun damaged skin couldn’t thank you more! All those little lines look like they’ve disappeared!”

Authentically Beautiful Miracle Mist is the invisible beauty mask that just keeps on doing its job of reversing the clock all through the day, all through the night. Your secret fountain of youth. We like to say that just three mists a day keeps aging away. Choose to look your most youthful self today!