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Authentically Beautiful Miracle Wellness Oil

Authentically Beautiful Miracle Wellness Oil is one of the most versatile healing products you can buy. When you read what it can do, you???ll want it in your medicine cabinet or right beside your sink. You???ll use it that often!

Oxygen heals

Oxygen is necessary for all life. The skin cannot maintain its cellular integrity, function, or repair without oxygen. It???s that simple. And when oxygen is introduced into the cells, pain is lessened, bacteria, fungi, and viruses are inhibited, and many complex healing procedures start taking place. Cells can return to their original integrity. And often quickly.

Extra virgin olive oil is used as a carrier for the oxygen because it has two cell walls instead of the normal one. This allows a form of oxygen, ozone or 03, to be impregnated between these two layers of cell membrane. The supercharged form of oxygen easily separates into a single molecule of oxygen which can then be readily absorbed and used at the cellular level. This is where the magic begins!

This process of introducing ozone to olive oil has been around for years in the frozen state; however, no one has been able to introduce and sustain suspension of ozone in room temperature until now. And we???re introducing it to you!

Speed the healing process.
Benefit from the tips shared from those who have used Authentically Beautiful Miracle Wellness Oil.

Dap on blemishes to speed up healing.
Bed sores
Apply several times a day, and bed sores often disappear in three days
Bee stings, insect bites.
Apply to insect bites right after they occur. Often disappear with no itching.
Bleeding gums.
Floss, brush with Oxygen Wellness Oil at night. In the morning, do the same and then brush with toothpaste. Often clears up within two weeks. Use 2-3X a week to prevent bleeding gums.
Apply to bruises right after they occur. Often disappear in minutes.
Cold sores
The sooner you apply, the quicker the results. The quickest we???ve heard was three hours
Drop several drops of Oxygen Wellness Oil into the ears to relieve pain
Fungal infections / athlete???s foot
Stubborn cases have been known to heal within a month.
Poison ivy or oak
Apply a couple of times, and it???s often gone the next day. Lessens itching.
Scrapes and cuts.
Apply to scrapes and cuts to kill bacteria and act as a protective barrier. Often heal in half the time.
Sore throat
Drop several drops of Authentically Beautiful Miracle Wellness Oil into the ears to relieve pain. Massage it into the neck.

Lightly massage into the area. Apply as needed for rapid pain relief.
Tired sore muscles.
Just massage into the muscles to reduce pain. Oxygen Wellness Oil was originally designed for the massage industry for this purpose.



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